Southern Oregon Romneys - Home of Registered White & Natural Colored Sheep
Producing Ewes - March 2019

Three natural colored Romney ewes For Sale.

Left to Right:  4 year old at feeder, black 2 year old and silver 2 year old.

Black 2 year old, silver 2 year old on left, 4 year old on right.

2 year old silver and black.
Individual Ewes: $350 for 2 year old ewes.  $275 for 4 year old ewe.  All lambed in 2019 and have lambs still nursing.  Two ewe lambs are for sale at weaning - $300 each.

Group: 3 ewes & 2 ewe lambs.  $1,450.00 
                                                              Vet check & transport at
                                                              additional expense.

Southern Oregon Romneys Realize Results: Brood Ewes 2019

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